Julienne OOH Billboard Ad
Sustainable Food Brand


The Challenge
The food delivery market in Germany is dominated with a quasi-monopolistic player that pollutes the environment with plastic waste. We needed a competitive brand with a sparkling personality to stand and out and win hearts.
The Julienne name and brand identity feels wholesome and playful at the same time. The look and feel is Infusing the food delivery market with some much needed personality and focus on humans. Retro elements such as tasty colors round up this love brand.
Scope of the Project
Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Verbal Identity
Brand Name
Launch Campaign
Julienne logo before and after
Julienne branding on cargo bikeJulienne logoJulienne app designJulienne branding stickersJulienne branding style guideJulienne app design sustainability dashboardJulienne branding on recycled paper bags

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Sustainable Food Brand

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