I’m Victoria Gassmann and I create meaningful brand strategy and eye-catching design for ambitious companies
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Selected Projects

Lumen App
Creating a Premium Brand
Cliqz Browser
Storytelling & Campaigning
Blood Moon Oil
Naming & Brand Identity
A Natural and Grounded Identity

Branding Expertise

Everybody loves eye-catching logos and slogans. But branding without strategy is useless.

That's why my branding services are based on a strong strategic foundation. I run collaborative work sessions to gain deep understanding of your brand, business goals and audience. Equipped with this clear guidance, we'll shape the unique design and messaging of your brand.

Brand Strategy

Visual Identity

Verbal Identity


Competitor Brand Analysis
Mission & Vision Statement
Target Audience Personas
Positioning Statement
Core Values
Brand Personality
Brand Attributes
Logo Mark & Type
Color Scheme
Illustration Style
Photography Style
Voice & Tone
Do’s & Dont’s
Hands-on Training
Topic Clustering
Packaging Design
Content Production
Web Design
Video Production
Campaign Strategy
Social Media Strategy

What's my Approach to Branding?


Coming from a marketing background, I always enjoyed the nitty-gritty of strategy. To me brand strategy is a lot like detective work: Asking relevant questions, gathering evidence, connecting the dots. I'm highly analytical and a little obsessed with detail.


Most problems can be solved with creative thinking: Let's try something weirder, connect two colors you've never seen together, create a logo that is unthinkable for your industry. For me, creativity is about unexpected combinations. What do you think?


In the end, people will ignore strategy and design, if they ignore people. That's why I observe your audience and walk a mile in their shoes. From this perspective, it's easy to be intuitive and make smart business decisions.

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I'm a freelance brand strategist and designer living in Munich. It's a wonderful city. Come over and have a Radler with me anytime, but don't let the distance get in our way.

If the pandemic brought us one good thing, it was experience in remote collaboration. That's why I usually work with companies from all over the world. Would you like to be the next one?
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